• Pamela Bruno

      Dr. Matt and his kind staff have been a blessing to our entire family! 🙂 We discovered New Life Family Chiropractic on our search for chiropractic care, and are so glad that we did. Dr. Matt and Dr. Trish are now caring for all of our chiropractic needs including our daughter-in-laws pregnancies, and our daughter's pregnancy of twins. Several members of our family are now seeing Dr. Matt, and have been helped tremendously. We highly recommend their chiropractic abilities to anyone that is searching for a chiropractor.

    • Tonya-Craig Harper

      Dr. Matt is wonderful. He is helping me so much. I was diagnosed with 2 bulging discs in my neck and was in constant pain. He is helping me with it. I have not had this much relief in a very long time. I recommend New Life!

    • Katie Dahm

      New Life is always welcoming to my family. Even when I bring my two boys (3 and 1) every one in the office is patient and kind to them and to me.

      The care we've received has always been amazing. Dr. Trish Hammett was a God send when both my boys were born. My oldest son had a very difficult time nursing, and after Dr. Trish saw him he immediately latched on. My second son was breech a week up to his arrival, and going to see Dr. Matt was the best decision I think I made that pregnancy. He turned head down 2 days before he arrived. Again, Dr. Trish came to visit our second baby to help with nursing.

      Since my childrens birth, I've gone to New Life. I really love all the care they give to my family.

    • Lindsey Ann
    • Andrei Pop

      I started coming here based on my wife's advice and was glad I did. Having sat at work for many years, I knew it was time for a lifestyle change and Dr Matt helped me understand what was going on with my back and neck, and what we needed to do to fix it. With some changes of my own and a period of adjustments, my upper back and neck are much better and my lower back has significantly improved. I'm overall healthier, sharper, and happier as a result. I'd highly recommend. New Life.

    • Mary Beals

      So, this has nothing to do with their practice, tho the docs are amazing. I used the washroom and was sooo impressed. As a parent, it was an “awww” moment. Clean restroom, baby changing station, they have a garbage can specifically for diapers and even a sign saying to take a diaper. It’s the little things. I’ve never ran out of diapers but I’ve ran out of wipes before and this was a great thing to see. The toilet also has an attachment for little kids to use and a step stool for them to wash their hands. Talk about a family friendly place. ❤️❤️

    • Kathleen Beck Kmitta

      Our family has used New Life’s chiropractic services for many years. They are truly a family chiropractic center! My children love getting adjusted and the asjustments have helped keep them healthy. Dr Trish and Dr. Matt are wonderful with children, as well as excellent chiropractors. In addition, they make scheduling easy and flexible. The office staff is friendly and helpful. I highly recommend their services.

    • Suzan Watson Rust

      Friendly and knowledgeable! I was really messed up from a fall. Dr. Matt patiently worked on me. He even relieved the pain in my back that had been ongoing for months. I was not a fan of chiropractic because none had ever helped me. Dr. Matt is totally different. He gave me help and hope!

    • Luke Pierson
    • Teresa Daw

      I cannot praise Dr. Trish enough! When my baby was born, my midwife took one look at her and said she needed an adjustment and gave me Dr. Trish's name. The next day, when she heard my baby was struggling to eat, she called Dr. Trish for an emergency adjustment. Dr. Trish came in that same day- on her normal day off- to help my baby. She immediately got to work, and my baby's face went from a distorted ball to a sweet baby face. After a few adjustments, my baby went from being unable to use a bottle properly to breastfeeding perfectly! Her foot was also turned up, so her toes were stuck against her shin. In the first visit. Dr. Trish was able to straighten it to normal.
      Beyond helping my baby, Dr. Trish had wonderful "bedside manner". She communicated what she was doing well, and made me feel like a friend.

    • Rachel Firlit

      Hey moms with constipated babies! Did you know there’s a chiropractic adjustment that can help with that? We were in to see Dr Trish for an adjustment for my 7 month old and I also expressed concern about his constipation. She explained the adjustment and checked if that area was out of line, and sure enough, it was! It worked like a charm and he had the poop we were finally waiting for a few hours later. Chiropractic care has so many benefits, and no question is too “silly” for Dr Trish. I appreciate her advice on all levels parenting, health and education!

    • Karen R Cook

      Friendly staff and I never have to wait more than 5 minutes to be seen. Dr Matt takes very good care of us and is very professional.

    • Andy Sarah Huffman

      We are new to seeing Dr. Matt. My daughter has been in pain for 2 years due to a bulging disc/pinched nerve. He has given us the answers we've been searching for and we are very confident in the plan he's laid out to get her pain free and keep her that way. The ladies who work in the office are great as well. The whole place has a very family friendly atmosphere. We recommend this office to everyone.

    • Sophie Krnich

      Dr. Hammett is a wonderful and caring chiropracter. I started going there over a year ago for back pain. He helped me immediately. He is very knowledgeable and is always showing me differerent stretches. His office is very friendly and I never have to wait longer then 5 minutes. I give Dr. Hammett and his office 5 stars.

      Sophie Krnich

    • David Peach

      With much expertise and a yearning for increasing knowledge and abilities, Dr. Matt is at the leading edge of chiropractic care. Glad my family goes there.

    • Carrie Ann

      Dr. Matt & Dr. Trish are nothing short of amazing! They have helped me so much over the years. My quality of life is better because of the service and care that they have provided me. If you're thinking about making an appt., don't think, just do it! You won't regret it!

    • Raman Adham
    • Carol Kwiatkowski

      Dr. Matt is great! He usually has a big smile and is very witty! He does a great job at adjusting
      what needs to be adjusted! His staff is always nice and friendly!

    • Grease Villegas

      Great service all the way around.

    • Meghan Chargualaf