• David Hoekstra

      Dr. Matt is a miracle worker! The pain in the left side/middle of my back was intense. I was not able to turn to the right. I left his office with 100% mobility, after my first visit. He told me to come back the next day, because the back would tighten up a little bit. He was right. I returned to his office with minimal pain and 90% mobility. After the second visit I was back at 100%. Thank you, Dr. Matt. I highly recommend going to New Life Family Chiropractic for any pain issues associated with the skeletal system.

    • Jessie VanderVelde
    • Garland Richards

      Had a great input interview.
      A honest professional clinic telling the truth.

    • Pamela Bruno

      Dr. Matt and his kind staff have been a blessing to our entire family! đŸ™‚ We discovered New Life Family Chiropractic on our search for chiropractic care, and are so glad that we did. Dr. Matt and Dr. Trish are now caring for all of our chiropractic needs including our daughter-in-laws pregnancies, and our daughter's pregnancy of twins. Several members of our family are now seeing Dr. Matt, and have been helped tremendously. We highly recommend their chiropractic abilities to anyone that is searching for a chiropractor.

    • Zara Fagen

      This place is the best for the whole family! They have helped us with everything from old injuries, to car accident recovery, and from colds to sleeping issues with the kids. I recommend them to everyone who needs care or wants to stay well!

    • Laurie Elzinga

      works really well with my twin babies and little girl!

    • Catherine Sailer

      Dr Trish has been a lifesaver for me through all of my pregnancies! She also makes my children feel comfortable and loved when they are getting adjusted. I can't recommend New Life enough!

    • Holly Bagnall King

      Dr Matt has helped my daughter tremendously! So glad we found his office!!

    • Kathy Pacholski

      They've kept me walking pain free for 15 years!

    • Ausra Crowder

      The best doctors ever. They did a wonderful work for me.

    • Amanda Clark Rossi

      Dr. Matt and Trish’s experience and expertise has truly been life changing for my family! My kids have never been healthier and happier.

    • Carol Kwiatkowski

      Dr. Matt is great! He usually has a big smile and is very witty! He does a great job at adjusting
      what needs to be adjusted! His staff is always nice and friendly!

    • Mathew Murphy
    • Andrei Pop

      I started coming here based on my wife's advice and was glad I did. Having sat at work for many years, I knew it was time for a lifestyle change and Dr Matt helped me understand what was going on with my back and neck, and what we needed to do to fix it. With some changes of my own and a period of adjustments, my upper back and neck are much better and my lower back has significantly improved. I'm overall healthier, sharper, and happier as a result. I'd highly recommend. New Life.

    • Ali Evanoff
    • Jose Y Cecilia Flores
    • Ashley Mullins

      We began our chiropractic journey last year when our 2 month old daughter was diagnosed with torticollis. She saw Dr. Trish every week for about 3 months and made huge improvements, (yay no helmet). Next my husband decided to give chiropractic a try, after seeing 3 doctors and 2 different rounds of physically therapy had not helped his lower back pain. With the help of Dr. Matt now he has been noticing great improvements in his back pain. So I decided I would go as well just for the overall heath benefits. Currently myself, husband and daughter all see Dr.Matt and we are so grateful we found New Life Family Chiropractic!

    • Meghan Chargualaf
    • Deb Koonce

      I've been going to New Life Chiropractic since 2008...I originally started with Dr.Trish .I had a neck injury & was unable to move..went to Doctors who just pumped me full of Meds that did nothing but make me ill! She did an ex ray of my spine & within a couple days I had a diagnosis & treatment plan. Eight years later I am still a patient...they keep me moving so I can have an active & healthy life..They also help me with my asthma which flared up a few years ago. They don't only help with adjustments, but will counsel you on nutrition & exercise, both Doctors keep up on the newest advances in natural health care...They work with all ages..including children & babies. I have most of my family using these Doctors services. I see Dr Matt now because motherhood keeps Trish busy..& our schedules do not always fit. I highly recommend These two Doctors to anyone who is looking for alternative Health care. They are amazing. Try them. You will be healthier for it!

    • Crystal M Bishop

      If you are looking go here. They are amazing. Very friendly and treat you like family. I recommend to all my friends and family. So far Matt is really helping my pregnancy induced carpal tunnel im having issues with on my 3rd pregnancy. My 1yr old and 2 yr old just went for the first time today and they did great. Ive been to other chiropractors and this is where the family is staying. I feel they are definetley helping my pregnancy and I cant wait to get started on normal care after with the new baby.