• Katie Dahm

      New Life is always welcoming to my family. Even when I bring my two boys (3 and 1) every one in the office is patient and kind to them and to me.

      The care we've received has always been amazing. Dr. Trish Hammett was a God send when both my boys were born. My oldest son had a very difficult time nursing, and after Dr. Trish saw him he immediately latched on. My second son was breech a week up to his arrival, and going to see Dr. Matt was the best decision I think I made that pregnancy. He turned head down 2 days before he arrived. Again, Dr. Trish came to visit our second baby to help with nursing.

      Since my childrens birth, I've gone to New Life. I really love all the care they give to my family.

    • Tonya-Craig Harper

      Dr. Matt is wonderful. He is helping me so much. I was diagnosed with 2 bulging discs in my neck and was in constant pain. He is helping me with it. I have not had this much relief in a very long time. I recommend New Life!

    • Julie Lentz

      Dr Trish has taken care of my family for almost 8 years, and as Theresa said today, did an incredible job at a birth last night. I am so grateful for her services to our community.

    • Marianne Trembacki

      I have not been there in a while, but when I did go, Dr. Matt was fabulous! Staff was great, accommodating to my schedule, helpful with the insurance/financial aspect, professional and efficient. Dr. Matt is sooooo intelligent and very capable of explaining what he knows in an easy to understand manner. I never met her, but I have heard Dr. Trish is equally talented! TEN STAR RECOMMENDATION!

    • Zara Fagen

      This place is the best for the whole family! They have helped us with everything from old injuries, to car accident recovery, and from colds to sleeping issues with the kids. I recommend them to everyone who needs care or wants to stay well!

    • DrMatt Hammett
    • Claudia Susana Diaz - Ramirez

      Amazing how the pains goes away when I get adjusted by Dr Matt . I highly recommend him and his wife too. I have been seen them since 2003.

    • Bobby Owensby

      I walked in a couple months ago with a severe neck injury that would probably require surgery. Dr. Matt and his staff took great care of me, and, best of all, no surgery!

    • Madeleine Stromberg

      Staff is so friendly and flexible. Dr. Matt is very knowledgeable and gifted. Treatment is helping me avoid surgery.

    • Lisa Zurawski-Jones

      Dr. Trish and Dr. Matt are both excellent chiropractors! I have been going to them off and on since 2005. I have a number of health issues, and they have both helped me a great deal. When my granddaughter was born in 2016 with torticollis, (tilted head), I kept telling my daughter to take her to Dr. Matt. We were amazed - in a short time, my granddaughter's head was on straight! A year and half later, still straight!

    • Lori Vickery

      I have been seeing Dr. Matt for a while now and I dont know where I'd be without him! I sit in front of a computer 8+ hours a day and I no longer suffer from chronic headaches, my "old lady hump" is gone and I feel amazing! Thank you Dr. Matt for having such a passion for what you do and caring about your patients overall health!

    • Mathew Murphy
    • Kathy Pacholski

      They've kept me walking pain free for 15 years!

    • Debra Dye-Avery
    • Scott-Allison Currin

      I love our whole family can go there and be seen by him. He has helped us tremendously.

    • Jessie VanderVelde
    • Lori Vickery

      New Life is like family! Dr. Matt and the office ladies are so friendly. Dr. Matt is very skilled in his field and has changed my life! I would recommend anyone to visit him, they will not regret it!

    • Ruth Grove-Maynard

      Dr. Matt is a great chiropractor. He is thorough, he listens to your concerns and addresses them, and he also educates you in the process! Highly recommended

    • Deb Koonce

      I've been going to New Life Chiropractic since 2008...I originally started with Dr.Trish .I had a neck injury & was unable to move..went to Doctors who just pumped me full of Meds that did nothing but make me ill! She did an ex ray of my spine & within a couple days I had a diagnosis & treatment plan. Eight years later I am still a patient...they keep me moving so I can have an active & healthy life..They also help me with my asthma which flared up a few years ago. They don't only help with adjustments, but will counsel you on nutrition & exercise, both Doctors keep up on the newest advances in natural health care...They work with all ages..including children & babies. I have most of my family using these Doctors services. I see Dr Matt now because motherhood keeps Trish busy..& our schedules do not always fit. I highly recommend These two Doctors to anyone who is looking for alternative Health care. They are amazing. Try them. You will be healthier for it!

    • Koonce Megan

      New Life Chiropractic has saved me from neck/back surgery. My mom was introduced to them and when I was not able to work or function she took me to see Dr. Matt and his team. They were very kind and gentle and caring. I walked out of his office on my own. I have been with them for 2yrs and it's been the best choice for me. No more meds/chemicals! I have referred others to him and his team. I would highly recommend them for you and your family.