• Debra Dye-Avery
    • Lindsey Ann
    • Raman Adham
    • Laura Unsworth

      Besides always leaving feeling so much better, New Life has the most accommodating, patient and kind staff. They are thorough on cost and have no blindsided billing. As a mom, I typically have a little one with me at all times and both Dr Matt and his staff are very warm and welcoming and never make you or your family feel like an inconvenience. I highly recommend New Life!

    • Sandra Petersen

      First he helped my husband with his neck and back, then it was me and now It's my daughter!! He is very knowledgeable and listens to you and your concerns. The staff is wonderful as well!! I highly recommend this place!!!

    • Heather Eich

      Dr. Matt is great with kids, my daughter is 5 and has autism. He helped our daughter with some sensory problems with some spine work. Then also helped her after we were in a car accident. We go there at least every other week. My daughters mobility has gotten so much better since going to him. Hes kind, patient and funny we highly recommend him.

    • Michaela Houghton Lülsdorf

      We love coming to New Life Chiropractic! The office atmosphere is always welcoming. The office staff is so friendly! Dr. Matt is so knowledgeable. We love his holistic approach.

    • Mary Beals

      So, this has nothing to do with their practice, tho the docs are amazing. I used the washroom and was sooo impressed. As a parent, it was an “awww” moment. Clean restroom, baby changing station, they have a garbage can specifically for diapers and even a sign saying to take a diaper. It’s the little things. I’ve never ran out of diapers but I’ve ran out of wipes before and this was a great thing to see. The toilet also has an attachment for little kids to use and a step stool for them to wash their hands. Talk about a family friendly place. ❤️❤️

    • Bobby Owensby

      I walked in a couple months ago with a severe neck injury that would probably require surgery. Dr. Matt and his staff took great care of me, and, best of all, no surgery!

    • Mathew Murphy
    • Carol Kwiatkowski

      Dr. Matt is great! He usually has a big smile and is very witty! He does a great job at adjusting
      what needs to be adjusted! His staff is always nice and friendly!

    • Raman Adham
    • Marie McCaskill Poole

      Great experience, very friendly. Excited to get help.

    • Brandon Seramur

      Great guy, worked my back out. No problems since 2 years ago.

    • Lee Katsiris

      Feeling great! Dr is awesome and staff is so pleasant!♡

    • Sophie Krnich

      Dr. Hammett is a wonderful and caring chiropracter. I started going there over a year ago for back pain. He helped me immediately. He is very knowledgeable and is always showing me differerent stretches. His office is very friendly and I never have to wait longer then 5 minutes. I give Dr. Hammett and his office 5 stars.

      Sophie Krnich

    • Raquel Daugherty

      Coming here got rid of my chronic migraines and back ache. They were able to find why my husband was having seizures and fix it and when my son was baby to his toddler years he would get ear infections every few months and after one adjustment he never had one again and he’s turning 7 in a few months!! They are amazing!!!

    • Carrie Ann

      Dr. Matt & Dr. Trish are nothing short of amazing! They have helped me so much over the years. My quality of life is better because of the service and care that they have provided me. If you're thinking about making an appt., don't think, just do it! You won't regret it!

    • Amanda Marie

      Dr Trish is the best! My son has a flat head due to primarily a traumatic birth. My pediatrician gave me an order to get a consult about a helmet since it was severe. I thought my only option would be a helmet which we really did not want to do. The cranial work Dr. Trish has done has been unbelievable! In 3 months (with breaks due to weather and illness) he went from severe to moderate and her work isn't done! We are still seeing great strides! She has also help calm my mom guilt. Parents out there know helmets are not the only option out there and get in as soon as possible. You will be so happy with the work she does and how knowledgeable she is!

    • Garland Richards

      Had a great input interview.
      A honest professional clinic telling the truth.