• Bobby Owensby

      I walked in a couple months ago with a severe neck injury that would probably require surgery. Dr. Matt and his staff took great care of me, and, best of all, no surgery!

    • Ali Evanoff
    • Candice Hughes

      I began seeing Dr. Matt in 2015. My friend was bragging about his approaches years before. Based on the convo with my friend; I had full confidence Dr. Matt could help my back. I went into the office and had an x ray done so Dr. Matt could get to the problem areas of my back. I was bent over and in pain. After a few visits with Dr. Matt my back was corrected. I had been to other chiropractors but never had seen the knowledge that Dr Matt has in his healing techniques. His etiquette and general caring of his patients has made me want to contunue with appointments with him. Visiting a chiropractor is great even when there is no underlying problem. The benefits it does for your health in general is outstanding.

    • Claudia Susana Diaz - Ramirez

      Amazing how the pains goes away when I get adjusted by Dr Matt . I highly recommend him and his wife too. I have been seen them since 2003.

    • Carrie Ann

      Dr. Matt & Dr. Trish are nothing short of amazing! They have helped me so much over the years. My quality of life is better because of the service and care that they have provided me. If you're thinking about making an appt., don't think, just do it! You won't regret it!

    • Pamella Castro
    • Melanie Goodlander Ledgerton
    • Andy Sarah Huffman

      We are new to seeing Dr. Matt. My daughter has been in pain for 2 years due to a bulging disc/pinched nerve. He has given us the answers we've been searching for and we are very confident in the plan he's laid out to get her pain free and keep her that way. The ladies who work in the office are great as well. The whole place has a very family friendly atmosphere. We recommend this office to everyone.

    • Veronica Maldonado

      I have had back issues for about 10 years and have seen a couple of chiropractors and none of them were half as good as Dr.Matt. Dr.Matt is a God send!! I was in excruciating pain and in 3 days I went from a 10 to a 0!! He is the best at what he does and is very informative! I love everything about his approach to his profession. If I could describe him in one word it would be AWESOME!!!

    • Dawn Stojancevich

      I boast to everyone I know about him! You know how you leave the past in the past...well, once you come see Dr Matt you'll NEVER LOOK BACK! LOVE NLFC!!

    • Catherine Sailer

      Dr Trish has been a lifesaver for me through all of my pregnancies! She also makes my children feel comfortable and loved when they are getting adjusted. I can't recommend New Life enough!

    • Ausra Crowder

      The best doctors ever. They did a wonderful work for me.

    • Brandon Seramur

      Great guy, worked my back out. No problems since 2 years ago.

    • Jane Reed

      I highly recommend getting in for an adjustment after any type of injury. Getting in after a nasty fall made all the difference between having a great weekend or a miserable one! I slipped on a small patch of ice on Wednesday, was sore but okay until I woke up the next morning, I hurt from head to toe and could barely walk. As usual they got me in right away, one adjustment later, woke up this morning feeling much better! Thanks AGAIN!

    • Cesar Ramirez
    • Ziya Safarov
    • Amanda Clark Rossi

      Dr. Matt and Trish’s experience and expertise has truly been life changing for my family! My kids have never been healthier and happier.

    • Jotam Torres

      Super informative from the start. Explained everything that was going on with my spine in terms that I could understand. I feel a major improvement from when I started. The ladies up front are awesome, soooo kind and gracious. Thank you everyone!

    • Stan Casella

      I have had great chiropractic experiences at New Life. The care has kept my life moving in a continuously pain free and more relaxed manner. When those extra incidences occur, Dr. Matt has been able to help me get relief.

    • Ivan Lalic

      Dr. Matt is an excellent chiropractor. He has a very caring attitude and listens to any concerns I might have. I have been going there a little over a year and will continue to go there in the foreseeable future.