• Noel Fabrice

      Incredible! I was referred to Dr. Hammett by my sister-in-law and by now my whole family goes to get adjusted.
      I came in with incredible chronic back pain which was diagnosed as scoliosis.
      Due to my age and Dr. Hammett's treatments I am 2 adjustments away from being fully healed! If you're looking for a great chiropractor with a holistic natural approach to health, Matt is your guy!

    • Luke Pierson
    • Crystal M Bishop

      If you are looking go here. They are amazing. Very friendly and treat you like family. I recommend to all my friends and family. So far Matt is really helping my pregnancy induced carpal tunnel im having issues with on my 3rd pregnancy. My 1yr old and 2 yr old just went for the first time today and they did great. Ive been to other chiropractors and this is where the family is staying. I feel they are definetley helping my pregnancy and I cant wait to get started on normal care after with the new baby.

    • Raman Adham
    • Vero González

      He is a very good doctor since l take my children with him and l do not get sick so much

    • Rachel Firlit

      Hey moms with constipated babies! Did you know there’s a chiropractic adjustment that can help with that? We were in to see Dr Trish for an adjustment for my 7 month old and I also expressed concern about his constipation. She explained the adjustment and checked if that area was out of line, and sure enough, it was! It worked like a charm and he had the poop we were finally waiting for a few hours later. Chiropractic care has so many benefits, and no question is too “silly” for Dr Trish. I appreciate her advice on all levels parenting, health and education!

    • Scott-Allison Currin

      I love our whole family can go there and be seen by him. He has helped us tremendously.

    • Cesar Ramirez
    • Ziya Safarov
    • Meghan Chargualaf
    • Melanie Goodlander Ledgerton
    • Maria Andrea Correa

      Bestest chiropractor ever. Always very thorough and on accurate in treatment!

    • Lisette Aguilar

      Dr. Hammett is awesome, love going to his office his staff are always so kind and friendly, my x-rays showed things that were wrong that I had no idea of so Dr. Hammett has been helping my body realign and heal and he explains so well why he does what he does and why it's important, I also used to wake up with headaches almost every morning but since I've been going to him they have gone away!

    • David Peach

      With much expertise and a yearning for increasing knowledge and abilities, Dr. Matt is at the leading edge of chiropractic care. Glad my family goes there.

    • Tonya-Craig Harper

      Dr. Matt is wonderful. He is helping me so much. I was diagnosed with 2 bulging discs in my neck and was in constant pain. He is helping me with it. I have not had this much relief in a very long time. I recommend New Life!

    • Lindsey Ann
    • Shawna Parker

      Great chiropractic care for the whole family! Me and my kids (11&12) come here once a week.

    • Candice Hughes

      I began seeing Dr. Matt in 2015. My friend was bragging about his approaches years before. Based on the convo with my friend; I had full confidence Dr. Matt could help my back. I went into the office and had an x ray done so Dr. Matt could get to the problem areas of my back. I was bent over and in pain. After a few visits with Dr. Matt my back was corrected. I had been to other chiropractors but never had seen the knowledge that Dr Matt has in his healing techniques. His etiquette and general caring of his patients has made me want to contunue with appointments with him. Visiting a chiropractor is great even when there is no underlying problem. The benefits it does for your health in general is outstanding.

    • Catherine Sailer

      Dr Trish has been a lifesaver for me through all of my pregnancies! She also makes my children feel comfortable and loved when they are getting adjusted. I can't recommend New Life enough!

    • Dawn Marie

      Dr Matt is the best chiropractor in the area