• Bobby Owensby

      I walked in a couple months ago with a severe neck injury that would probably require surgery. Dr. Matt and his staff took great care of me, and, best of all, no surgery!

    • Justin-Lacey Zarsky

      Both my husband and I have had great results. I totally recommend!! He is very professional and staff is friendly.

    • Ivan Lalic

      Dr. Matt is an excellent chiropractor. He has a very caring attitude and listens to any concerns I might have. I have been going there a little over a year and will continue to go there in the foreseeable future.

    • Shawna Parker

      Great chiropractic care for the whole family! Me and my kids (11&12) come here once a week.

    • Christy Nelms

      New Life saw my son when he was a newborn after recommendation from speech therapy for a tongue tie. As a PT myself, I knew he was showing signs of other centralized symptoms and thought chiropractic care would be beneficial for him, but also very nervous about taking my (first) newborn baby to a chiropractor. They were incredibly gentle with him and explained everything and why they were doing it to help my son. There were no thrusts (back popping) on my son which is what my fear was and it was all very gentle, very non invasive techniques. I don’t think he ever even cried one time in his visits there! If you have a child or newborn that needs care, I would definitely recommend Drs. Matt and Trish for their care!

    • T-Top Ty

      Great environment , funny guy , clean bathroom and perfect for the entire family!

    • Suzan Watson Rust

      Friendly and knowledgeable! I was really messed up from a fall. Dr. Matt patiently worked on me. He even relieved the pain in my back that had been ongoing for months. I was not a fan of chiropractic because none had ever helped me. Dr. Matt is totally different. He gave me help and hope!

    • Maria Andrea Correa

      Bestest chiropractor ever. Always very thorough and on accurate in treatment!

    • Lacey Hall Peach

      Our family loves Dr Matt! Great staff, great office, great chiropractic care!

    • Vero Vero Vero

      He is a very good doctor since l take my children with him and l do not get sick so much

    • Brittney Cruse

      My back was all messed up during my pregnancy and I went here and after a few visits I am feeling much better. I also take my infant here and Dr. Matt is great with him. I love the environment of the office. They are super friendly and just feels comfortable to be there.

    • Jacob Sadlowski

      Great doctor and better care! My back pain was gone after the first few adjustments!

    • Philip Needler

      Best chiropractic in NW Indiana! Professional work with care and concern for the individual! It is a place where YOU matter!

    • Mary Beals

      So, this has nothing to do with their practice, tho the docs are amazing. I used the washroom and was sooo impressed. As a parent, it was an “awww” moment. Clean restroom, baby changing station, they have a garbage can specifically for diapers and even a sign saying to take a diaper. It’s the little things. I’ve never ran out of diapers but I’ve ran out of wipes before and this was a great thing to see. The toilet also has an attachment for little kids to use and a step stool for them to wash their hands. Talk about a family friendly place. ❤️❤️

    • Lori Vickery

      I have been seeing Dr. Matt for a while now and I dont know where I'd be without him! I sit in front of a computer 8+ hours a day and I no longer suffer from chronic headaches, my "old lady hump" is gone and I feel amazing! Thank you Dr. Matt for having such a passion for what you do and caring about your patients overall health!

    • Raquel Daugherty

      Coming here got rid of my chronic migraines and back ache. They were able to find why my husband was having seizures and fix it and when my son was baby to his toddler years he would get ear infections every few months and after one adjustment he never had one again and he’s turning 7 in a few months!! They are amazing!!!

    • Michaela Houghton Lülsdorf

      We love coming to New Life Chiropractic! The office atmosphere is always welcoming. The office staff is so friendly! Dr. Matt is so knowledgeable. We love his holistic approach.

    • Noel Fabrice

      Incredible! I was referred to Dr. Hammett by my sister-in-law and by now my whole family goes to get adjusted.
      I came in with incredible chronic back pain which was diagnosed as scoliosis.
      Due to my age and Dr. Hammett's treatments I am 2 adjustments away from being fully healed! If you're looking for a great chiropractor with a holistic natural approach to health, Matt is your guy!

    • Pamela Bruno

      Dr. Matt and his kind staff have been a blessing to our entire family! 🙂 We discovered New Life Family Chiropractic on our search for chiropractic care, and are so glad that we did. Dr. Matt and Dr. Trish are now caring for all of our chiropractic needs including our daughter-in-laws pregnancies, and our daughter's pregnancy of twins. Several members of our family are now seeing Dr. Matt, and have been helped tremendously. We highly recommend their chiropractic abilities to anyone that is searching for a chiropractor.

    • Tonya-Craig Harper

      Dr. Matt is wonderful. He is helping me so much. I was diagnosed with 2 bulging discs in my neck and was in constant pain. He is helping me with it. I have not had this much relief in a very long time. I recommend New Life!